Inmate Worker Allowable Items List

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The following is a list of Allowed items for Inmate Workers that are currently in the Lamar County Work Program, and anything else will have to be purchased through canteen, otherwise it will be considered as contraband, and disposed of.

Legal Materials – No Limit other than it must fit into the inmates’ property box, for potential fire hazard, and clutter reasons.

6 white T – shirts (short sleeves)

6 pair of white socks

6 pair of white boxers / underwear

6 white bras (for females without the wire)

1 clear plastic tote along with the gray box

1 pillow from home

1 pillow case

1 blanket from home

1 belt with small buckle

2 pairs of work boots (non-steel toe) or shoes (does not include shower shoes provided by the jail)

25 disposable razors or 1 permanent razor with 10 refills – must give to officer to dispose of.

1 cd player or radio – not altered in any way

5 cd’s  - an inmate worker can not posses more than 5 cd’s at any time in his or her property, and you must own a cd player to posses cd’s.

1 pair of nail clippers

1 set of hair cutting trimmers

1 orange ball cap or toboggan – with no logo (hunters orange)

1 watch

2 clear bottle of shampoo

2 clear stick of deodorant

1 tooth brush

1 tube of toothpaste

Creamer and sugar can be bought from canteen!!

Envelopes with pre printed stamps - not the stamp you stick on yourself.

Writing paper – sealed in it’s original clear packaging

The following items are only allowed to be mailed in.

Instant coffee (must be in clear plastic container) – no limit

Any reading material that is soft back or comparable and is not considered x-rated by administration

Pictures – non offensive (which means no nude, gang signs or interpreted as gang related), and it can not be a Polaroid type picture.

All inmates will be issued the following items:





Shower shoes

2 blankets

1 pillow

1 laundry bag

1 gray property box

1 cup

1 comb

1 spork

1 shampoo

2 rolls of toilet paper


If someone from the outside mails items that are not listed on the allowable items list, those items will be thrown away due to the inability for us to pay for return shipping.

It is the responsibility of the inmate to ensure that he /she has space in their box, otherwise the inmate will have to discard the property by either taking it upon themselves to mail it out via us postal service, or throwing it away. Nothing will be taken by officers and placed in the property room due to limited space.


If an inmate has a large amount of property already in their cell and /or in the property room that they wish to mail out via the U.S. Postal service, then the inmate will have to write for permission from the jail administration to have someone on the outside mail in a pre stamped U.S. Priority Mail box.

Once this box is received by the mail officer, the inmate will have one day to place the items he/she wish to mail out.

It is the responsibility of the inmate to have the correct postage, because if it is not Lamar County Jail will not accept it back into the facility.

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